Arrival & Dismissal

Please remember that our first concern is student safety. For this reason as a part of our plan, all school traffic in the mornings must enter the parking lot from the lower entrance where administration is monitoring.

Arrival and Dropoff Procedures

All cars entering the parking lot from 7:45 – 8:00am must do so by turning right off of Melinda Drive. To reach Melinda, you go past the Carnovon entrance to Vaughns Gap. Turn left on Vaughns Gap and then left on Melinda. The picture on the back shows the route to enter for the car drop off line. Please do not block driveways or use them as turnarounds. No one should park along Clearbrook Drive and use our exit as an entrance. This is unsafe for everyone especially your child.

When using the car line, please make sure your child is ready to exit when you stop. Adults need to remain in the car and allow school staff to assist. This keeps the line moving quickly for everyone.

Mr. Breese and Mr. V monitor the car line each morning. If you were in line prior to 8:00, your child will be counted present on time. We make adjustments when weather or accidents cause traffic delays. If you arrive at the car line or parking lot at 8:00, you are tardy and must go to the office so please plan ahead and arrive early.

Buses will use the Carnovan Parkway entry in the mornings. No other cars will be able to enter the car line using Carnovan Parkway from Highway 70 between 7:45 – 8:00.

Out of respect to our neighbors, please go down and use the light at Vaughns Gap rather than turning around in private driveways or in the middle of the road. This is very dangerous and obstructs the flow of traffic.

Please watch your speed around the school. The speed limit is 15 mph on the roads and 10 mph in the parking lot.

Please remember that we are a school so the music in cars, especially music that might be inappropriate for school, needs to be turned down when entering the lot. We should not be able to hear music on the outside. Smoking is prohibited both in and out of cars on Metro property.

Thank you for your support as we work to make arrival and dismissal as safe and smooth as possible!
Two teachers direct cars parked in front of the building.
Principal walks with young child next to a line of cars